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Benefits of Joining

By joining, member GHADs can leverage combined resources, knowledge, and influence to increase the understanding, effectiveness, and power of GHADs in the State. Activities of the GHADs will include:

  • Establishing Pooled Insurance
    By pooling insurance, GHADs can reduce insurance costs, share risk, pool financial resources, and share insurance options.
  • Sharing Experience, Information, & Technological Innovations
    Each GHAD has a different set of experiences and challenges. By sharing technological and other information, GHADs can better serve their constituents.
  • Providing Networking Opportunities
    The Association provides regular venues for members and other interested parties to network.
  • Taking Legislative Action
    The Association lobbies on behalf of GHADs and works to improve the legislative environment in which GHADs operate. Legislative related activities include: 1) educating elected officials and key opinion leaders about GHADs and 2) providing legislative leadership on the local and state level relative to GHAD issues.
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